“Philatelic Furor”

I ordered my Christmas cards in October (they’re all on sale then!).  They’ve been stuffed and addressed for a while now, awaiting stamps.

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I hate going to the Post Office because I usually end up waiting in line for 20 minutes to be told they are out of the stamps I want.  Thanks, guys.  So, I took USPS up on their offer to mail me stamps from their website – it worked like a charm.

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Fun, right? But get a load of this: HARRY.POTTER.STAMPS.

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grays peek

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Hedwig has his own stamp!  Check out this horror, though.  Poor Hedwig.

Also, the Potter stamps are quite upsetting to traditionalists and professional stamp collectors.  Per the LA Times:

“Indeed, the Potter stamps combined all the ingredients guaranteed to upset traditionalists — commercial, photographic rather than artistic, and foreign to boot. Postal Service officials didn’t even consult the Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee — a panel formed more than 50 years ago to recommend stamp subjects that have culturally enduring value — probably in the full knowledge that they were writing a new installment of mail history that might best be titled “Harry Potter and the Philatelic Furor.””

However, perhaps folks need not worry, since the packaging used for the shipping of the stamps is not up to archival snuff and they all might crumble to bits:

grays peek

Also, today is day #2 post facial peel.  The day started out fine, and then bam – at 3:00PM the peeling started abruptly and furiously.  Stay tuned.  I look like I was attacked by a cheese grater.


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  1. Noah Osterhage

    excellent and entertaining content – as usual – keep up the good work!

  2. admin

    Thanks, sir. I’m happy to know someone is reading my nonsense!

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