North-south, east-west

I made two serious food-related mom errors this week.

First, I had the bright idea to add beets to our baby food (apple-blueberry-beet-cinnamon puree, anyone?).  Introduce your baby to a variety of foods as early as possible, they said.  Eat the rainbow, they said.  Let your child explore the food with his or her hands, they said.  Well, besides the fact that he LOVED beets, both the bebe and my food processor (and everything else within an eight foot radius) looked like part of a murder scene.  It was really just a well-played game of “what can we stain today?” -including his cheeks!

Second, (because hello, multitasking), I ate a chocolate croissant in my car.  Flakes of croissant everywhere. Flakes of chocolate drizzle everywhere.  The aforementioned flakes are exactly the same type of chocolate that melts immediately into your lap, under your legs, into your seat belt, and into that faux leather skirt around your shifter.  Ahem.

Luckily, the week is over and it has been redeemed.  See, I bought this fabulous 100 year old dendritic moss agate ring off etsy a little while ago.  I loved the stone, but found it uncomfortable to wear and hard to stack.  Buyers remorse set in rather quickly.  Resize it? Send it for a quick rhodium dip?  Nothing seemed like the right fix.

grays peek

Then, I had the bright idea to flip the stone to an east-west setting and it is perfect.  I debated the wisdom of messing with such an old ring, but decided it wasn’t worth having if I wasn’t going to wear it (am I becoming a fatalist?).  After getting over some initial apprehension at my request, the kind folks at Herzog fixed it right up and got it back to me in just a few days.  Tah-dah!

grays peek

grays peek

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