Proof, finally.

Boom.  People everywhere can stop arguing about which cookies exist and what they are called.

grays peek

We bought the box of Carmel deLites off a troop outside our local grocery store (hello, impulse buying) and got the Samoas by ordering from a co-worker’s daughter.

grays peek

Everything is different: box dimensions, printing colors, net weight, nutritional info…and most importantly, the bakery location.  I’ve known multiple bakeries were involved for a while (confirmed from two boxes of Thin Mints being compared), but I didn’t know how noticeable the differences in the cookies were!

grays peek

Can you imagine the epic PR battle that would ensue if Green Peace protested the Girl Scouts, too, because these cookies use palm oil?  So many things do.  However, unlike their less fortunate Fortune 100 friends, the Little Brownie bakers helpfully note right on the box that they use sustainable palm oil (sorry the photo is blurry).   Perhaps both ABC Bakers and P&G will be considering similar notes on their packages in the future.

grays peek

Lastly, I’m sorry to report I can’t answer the one question everyone wants to know.  I don’t know which box tasted better.  Sadly, we ate all of the Carmel deLites before the Samoas got delivered, so I couldn’t do a taste comparison.  Sorry.

2 responses to “Proof, finally.

  1. Noah

    1.) excellent analysis – I was intrigued by your findings
    2.) for your next investigative report, have you explored the difference in price between OH & KY or between troops or other demarcations – i’m not sure what the real reason is? I have seen many price discrepancies and I believe that some are profiteering – buying cases and marking the boxes up at the grocery store (not that there is anything wrong with that in practice, I suppose).
    3.) for another report – I have heard that the local girl scout’s take is a paltry $0.25/box. that’s simply ridiculous – who in the supply chain is ripping off the girls scouts? is the world HQ gold plated?
    4.) samoas/deLites are in fact the best of all their cookies

    • admin

      1.) Thanks.
      2.) This late in the game, I believe I will have to wait for next year’s cookie season to find a statistically meaningful sample of cookie sellers/profiteerers.
      3.) Ridiculous. Agreed.
      4.) What? No. Thin Mints, definitely.

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