Almost December

You guys, December starts tomorrow.  Christmas is basically next week.  I ordered my Christmas cards before Halloween.  How could I not when we had such a gosh darn adorable photo to use?  Bah.  However, I will wait until 12/1 rolls around to drop the cards off at the post office – a November post mark would be frowned upon in most circles.

grays peek

Anyway, Christmas got me thinking about all of the things I like, specifically all of the delicious foods I could crush in their entirety.  I’m talking about things I could eat WHOLE in one sitting (serving sizes be damned).

In no particular order:

  1. Baguette.  Or any fresh loaf of bread, really.
  2. Entire cinnamon crumb coffee cake from Servatii’s.  The powdered sugar catastrophe that would result is no bother.
  3. Bag of Kremer’s Market toffee…right before I go to the dentist.
  4. Pint of Graeter’s chocolate-almond-coconut-chip icecream.  Ask me about when they stopped serving this by the scoop – Graeter’s was dead to me for a long time.
  5. Did I already mention a loaf of bread?
  6. Bag of Garden Salsa Sun Chips. Done.
  7. Pan of the Husband’s cheesy scrambled eggs.
  8. The largest order of pancakes at any restaurant.

Turns out, I could pretty much live on chocolate and bread alone.


…and a few more lovelies from our session with Juli, for good measure.



grays peek

How much is too much?

I’m just over here stress-eating trail mix and chasing it with a homemade iced-half-vanilla-skim-decaf-latte-with-bendy-straw.  My afternoon snack game had to be strong to keep me from watching the meaningless early poll results roll in.  Of course I voted today, and, yes, it was a family affair which was exciting and depressing.  This is the most insulting election in which I’ve had the privilege to participate (can we end sentences with prepositions yet?).  I just hope the results get accepted quickly.  Let’s rip the band aid off – I won’t survive another hanging chad situation, i.e., Russia hacked the election this year.  -sigh-

Come wake me from my sugar coma when this is over…I’m looking forward to being able to talk to my friends and family again soon.  And, really, how much trail mix is too much?  Please send help. Or a chip clip.

grays peek


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