Road Rally

I cussed at the traffic all the way home today.

I cussed again when I saw our mailbox hut was blocked by a car.

Then, I noticed the car in question was a 1966 Mustang with its hood up.  Slowing my roll a bit, I chatted up the driver and passenger sitting on the curb while I got my mail.  Turns out, their classic convertible overheated in the stupid traffic, which was delaying them from meeting up with the rest of their road rally group down in Mainstrasse.   I’ve been to my fair share of car shows, but had never heard of a road rally before.  The Mustang’s owners, Jill and Spencer, were most of the way through their week-long rally with Freedom Road Rally when they overheated.  I got them some cold drinks (cans of pamplemousse, obviously) while they waited and listened to their rest of the story of their trip so far – it definitely sounds like something we need to do…as soon as I get my hands on a pre-1974 automobile.

I didn’t snap a picture of their car today, all vulnerable and exposed with its hood up, but I did find one featured on their website:

grays peek

Every September

grays peek

This photo still makes me hold my breath.

Chicken au pairs

Someday, this could be me. 

Read the Garden & Gun article
by Chris Dixon – Georgia – August/September 2013

“A lot of the old-timey Southern farmers out here—straw hats, overalls, and brogans—keep Games,” Taylor says. “Game hens also like to sit on the duck eggs, so they’re really handy. They’re kind of like chicken au pairs.”

(Photo credit: Garden & Gun)

“How one farmer has traveled the South to find and save the  disappearing breeds of our past—one goat, sheep, cow, pig, and goose at a time.”


This Is Colossal aggregates very cool, beautiful stories on artists and other fun things that I can’t help but read.

For example, who wouldn’t want to view a post (with gorgeous accompanying photos) titled, Can You Find the Dog in Each of these Photos? Meet Momo, the Most Elusive Puppy on Instagram?


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